Kickboxing Classes Adelaide

Kickboxing Classes in Adelaide

Kickboxing and boxing classes are a fantastic way to increase your general fitness, learn basic self defense techniques, increase your self confidence, improve muscle and cardiovascular conditioning and have fun in a safe and encouraging environment.

Fitness Habitat

Fitness Habitat is owned and operated by Scott Fox, a personal trainer in Marden who has a wealth of experience and qualifications that set him apart as both a personal trainer, kick boxing instructor and group fitness studio owner.

Scott is one of the few personal trainers in Adelaide who holds both a Dip. in Fitness and Dip. in Sport, completed at the Australian Institute of Applied Sciences.

Scott has taken literally hundreds of classes from beginner to advanced level, and with a background in amateur boxing, his kick boxing and boxing skills are easily evident. In any sport that you might be looking to learn, it is always advisable to be tutored by a qualified professional with a wealth of experience. For those looking to develop their kick boxing skills, Scott’s expert knowledge and extensive experience in this sport means that he is one of the best instructors around.

Fitness Habitat Group Fitness Classes

The following classes are available at the group fitness studio:

  • PowerFit 45 – Full body functional fitness training at its best, improving strength and endurance
  • Yoga – Realign your body, mind and soul and bring yourself back to a more relaxed, meditative more peaceful you
  • Metafit HIIT Training – Metafit™ is a body weight high intensity interval training program no longer than 30 minutes
  • Kickboxing – Take out your weeks stresses on a bag and learn to strike and protect your self while you burn serious calories
  • Obstacle Racing – Fitness Habitat is a fully equipped Obstacle racing training facility using real obstacles and real team work

For more information on kickboxing classes in Adelaide, and to view a timetable of all classes available see the contact details below and how you can get in touch with Scott and his team.


Fitness Habitat Kickboxing Classes
Mars Sporting Complex
Marden SA 5070
0433 043 676

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