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NLP & High Performance Coaching

Ben specialises in mindset transformation and personal development. He has been coaching, training and helping people for over 10 years and is extremely experienced working with business owners, leaders, athletes and people who want to reach the next level in their lives.

If you need to be able to:

  • Perform at a higher level than you ever have before
  • Overcome habitual attitudes, behaviours or emotional blocks
  • Develop new abilities in your leadership, self belief, confidence or mental toughness
  • Learn how to perform calmly and positively under pressure and during stressful times
  • Train your brain to be able to both switch on quickly and switch off once work is done

Then Ben can help you.

His methods are fresh, life giving, straight to the point, encouraging and totally bulletproof.

Each session has a positive and encouraging focus. No matter the person, goal or target it is always more useful to build positive momentum and focus on moving forwards instead of getting stuck in the negatives of the past. Even in times where deep emotional blocks from the past arise Ben has both the experience and skill to handle those things in a positive, effective way that will produce freedom.

Ben is a qualified Life Coach and Master Practitioner of NLP. Yet the real methods and philosophies that bring the most results have been developed in the thousands of hours working with clients face to face.

Sessions can be done in the Adelaide office, via Skype or Phone.

Ben Elliott
0401 244 292
Level 3
169 Fullarton Road, Dulwich
Adelaide SA 5065

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