Metabolic Jumpstart

What is Metabolic Jumpstart?

Metabolic Jumpstart is a 4 week metabolically matched diet and food plan using nutrient rich and natural foods, created by Matt O’Neill, one of Australia’s leading dietitians and a regular on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show.

Metabolic Jumpstart Program requires no shakes or meal replacements and at $79.95 is one of the most comprehensive and cost effective weight loss plan available anywhere in Australia.

How do I get started and what do I receive?

Registration is easy, just visit and complete your personal profile online.

You will then be emailed your username and password to access your very own My Jumpstart area on the website where you can download your Metabolic Jumpstart Diet Plan and Report.

Read your report carefully as it contains information on how the program works which has been specifically designed based on the information submitted in your registration.

Your fully customised report includes the following:

  • Body shape analysis and a complete health risk profile
  • Metabolic rates including BMR (baseline), lifestyle and exercise
  • Menu plan showing exactly what to eat and when in the correct portion sizes
  • Nutrition targets in kJ/calories for protein, fats and carbohydrates
  • Matt’s easy to follow rules so you can “mix and match” foods for variety
  • The Ready Reckoner which lists all of the nutrient rich foods and daily food exchanges

Motivation Pack mailed out to you

This includes some simple but powerful to help keep you on track. You will get Fridge Cards to monitor your mood, effort and hunger levels, Daily Target Cards and additional information sheets.

Website access to your personal My Jumpstart area

For your 4 week jumpstart you also receive Matt’s rules and a getting started checklist all clearly explained, 4 weekly emails to ensure you are on track, video and audios and related segments from television appearances and over 50 FAQ’s to answer your questions about the program.

The website also contains audio to clearly explain each step of the program if you prefer to listen.

Discussion forum with Matt’s team of dietitians

You can search the forum for past questions or ask your own and get answers to your queries from Matt and his team of MJ Dietitians.

Metabolic Jumpstart Schedule

The 4 week program is based on real foods and a 100% natural diet to get your metabolism functioning as it should.

Week 1 – Re-Energise your diet – choosing the best foods
Week 2 – Re-Wire your appetite – learn how to eat the right amount of food
Week 3 – Re-Ignite your metabolism – by including exercise to burn more calories
Week 4 – Re-Balance your mood – becoming aware of how stress and emotions can effect your efforts

Adelaide Personal Trainers Official Partner

We are an official partner of Matt’s Metabolic Jumpstart and have also arranged so that $5 from each Metabolic Jumpstart Program sold will be donated to children in need through Variety, the children’s charity.

Be sure to enter “Adelaide Personal Trainers” when you register online.

When combined with an appropriate exercise program we believe you will have a much greater chance of reaching and maintaining your health and fitness goals with Metabolic Jumpstart.

What do I do now?

To get started, register for the Metabolic Jumpstart Program here.

Download and read your Report which you will receive via email then follow the instructions to get ready for your very own Metabolic Jumpstart.

In future posts we will be further expanding on each week of the program so you know exactly what to do. If you have any questions you can leave a comment or login to Your Jumpstart area on the website and access the forum.

More information and resources

You can follow Matt on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube for more information, recipes, videos and the latest news on Metabolic Jumpstart.

All the best!

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