Complete A Pre-Exercise Questionnaire

You can get started even before meeting a personal trainer by completing our pre-exercise questionnaire, which will give us some information about you, an indication of your current fitness level and how active you are. It will also help us establish your current location and which trainers we have closest to your work or home, or whatever training location is most suited to you.

We have provided a few options for you to complete the questionnaire, and similarly you have several options in how you return the form to us. Here are some simple steps to follow and just choose which option is easiest for you.

1. Complete Online

The pre-exercise questionnaire can be filled in online within your web browser which can then be returned to us via email, by clicking “Submit by Email” at the end of the form. Follow the online prompts which allow you to use a desktop email application such as Outlook, or a web-based email account like Yahoo! or Hotmail.

There is no requirement to sign anything at this stage, as this will occur only when you have your first personal training session and wish to proceed.

If you need to, simply print out the completed questionnaire and move onto the next step.

2. Print Out and Return via Email, Fax or Post

The pre-exercise questionnaire can also be printed out by clicking “Print Form” on the last page where you can write your information and then return by any of the following:

Note: You will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer to read or print this form.

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