Adelaide Pilates Studio

Adelaide Pilates Studio by Inside Out Health offers the most comprehensive range of pilates classes in Adelaide.

Classes are available in traditional pilates, matwork, apparatus, reformer, chi-ball, small group and personal training, rehabilitation, and the unique Gravity training system, exclusive to Inside Out and one of the studios most popular and exciting training formats according to director Trish McNicholl.

Pilates is unique in its ability to systematically exercise all of the major muscle groups in the body, both weak and strong. It is a combination of the focus and gentleness of yoga with the addition of strength training found most commonly performed in gyms or personal training.

The many benefits of pilates are:

  • Flatten, tone and strengthen the abdominals
  • Longer and leaner muscles
  • Improved posture
  • Helps to prevent injury
  • Increased blood flow and circulation helping to relieve tension
  • Enhanced awareness of the body
  • Balance of strength and flexibility
  • Enhanced athletic ability
  • Increase self-esteem

Classes available:

  • Pilates Matwork Classes for beginner to advanced – provide an all over body workout using your own body weight as resistance
  • Pilates Apparatus Classes – using rollers, therabands and fitballs to help improve your core strength and flexibility
  • Pilates Reformer Classes – advanced workout for the core, arms and legs using the Allegro Reformer machines which utilise spring loaded resistance with cables and straps
  • Private Pilates and Equipment based sessions – using the reformer, trapeze, cadillac and circles
  • Gravity Training System – an amazing pilates format offering up to 250 exercises working every major muscle group with a minimal amount effort required (see video below)

Gravity Pilates

For more information and how you can get started with pilates in Adelaide, contact Trish at Inside Out Health on the details below. She has 2 studio locations in Adelaide, Magill and the Adelaide CBD. Mention this website or the code ‘adelaidept‘ for a special offer.

Inside Out Health Studio

Adelaide Pilates Studio CBD

Level 1
157 Frome St
Adelaide 5000
0406 731 447

Adelaide Pilates Studio Magill

433 Magill Rd
Magill 5072
0406 731 447

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